Our laboratory is part of the Microbial Sciences Institute and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University. Our work lies at the interface between systems biology and microbial community ecology and evolution. An important focus of the lab is understanding how the molecules microbes secrete to the environment, such as nutrients, toxins, etc., mediate the assembly and the evolution of microbial communities. 



10.15.2018: Our paper On the deformability of an empirical fitness landscape by microbial evolution is out today in PNAS! Congrats to Djordje, Jean and our much admired collaborator Zack Blount!

08.03.2018: Congrats to Josh, Nanxi, Djordje, Sylvie and Alicia! Our paper Emergent Simplicity in Microbial Community Assembly is out today in Science.

05.20.2018: Nanxi and Sylvie will be giving talks at the 2018 ISME meeting in Leipzig, Germany, on August 12-17

04.02.2018: Djordje and Jean's new preprint is in bioRxiv. In collaboration with Zack Blount (Michigan State), we have investigated the deformability of an empirical fitness landscape. 

03.15.2018: Nanxi and Alicia's new preprint is out! A fun collaboration with Mikhail Tikhonov at Stanford to investigate collective effects in microbial invasions and community coalescence. Congrats to all!

03.12.2018: Sylvie and Djordje have been selected to give talks at the 2018 ESEB-SSB-SSE-ASN Joint Evolution Meeting in Montpellier. Congratulations to both of them!



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