Our laboratory is part of the Microbial Sciences Institute and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University. Our work lies at the interface between systems biology and microbial community ecology and evolution. Our lab is largely interested in predicting (1) How microbes will evolve in a given, known environment, (2) What microbial communities will assemble in a given, known environment and (3) How microbes will behave in a given, known environment. To that end, we are particularly interested in understanding how the molecules microbes secrete to the environment, such as nutrients, toxins, etc., mediate community assembly and evolution. 



We welcome two new lab members!

  • Maria Rebolleda-Gomez started her two-year appointment as a YIBS Donelley Fellow. She will work in collaboration with us on understanding how temperature affects the emergent metabolic structure of microbial communities.

  • Sotaro Takano will spend a year in our lab as a visiting postdoc studying the effect of Horizontal Gene Transfer on microbial population dynamics. He is visiting from the laboratory of Ryo Miyazaki at AIST in Tsukuba, Japan.

We got an NIH R35-MIRA award to continue our work on metabolic modeling of microbial evolution and community assembly. This grant will fund our lab for the next five years!




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