Sanchez Lab Publications

[24] Available energy fluxes drive a phase transition in the diversity, stability, and functional structure of microbial communities
Robert Marsland III, Wenping Cui, Joshua E. Goldford, Alvaro Sanchez, Kiril S. Korolev and Pankaj Mehta
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/335893

[23] High order interactions dominate the functional landscape of microbial consortia
Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga*, Djordje Bajic*, Melisa L. Osborne, Juan F. Poyatos and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/333534 [*Shared First Authorship]

[22] On the deformability of an empirical fitness landscape by microbial evolution
Djordje Bajic*, Jean C.C. Vila*, Zachary D. Blount and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/293407 [*Shared First Authorship]

[21] Cohesiveness in microbial community coalescence. 
Nanxi Lu, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Mikhail Tikhonov and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/282723

[20] Ecological effects of cellular computing in microbial populations
Maia Baskerville*, Arielle Biro*, Mike Blazanin*, Chang-Yu Chang*, Amelia Hallworth*, Nicole Sonnert*, Jean Vila* and Alvaro Sanchez
Submitted (2018)

[19] Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly. 
Joshua Goldford*, Nanxi Lu*, Djordje Bajic, Sylvie Estrela, Mikhail Tikhonov, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Daniel Segre, Pankaj Mehta, and Alvaro Sanchez
Science (2018) In Press [*Shared First Authorship]

[18] Cooperators trade off ecological resilience and evolutionary stability in public goods games
Joseph Rauch, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2017) 14:20160967   [bioRxiv version (OA)]

[17] The evolutionary resilience of distributed cellular computing
Matteo Cavaliere and Alvaro Sanchez
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2017) doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-54072-6 1

[16] Eco-evolutionary dynamics of complex social strategies in microbial communities
Kyle Harrington and Alvaro Sanchez
Communicative and Integrative Biology (2014) 7: e28230

[15] Genetic determinants and cellular constraints in noisy gene expression
Alvaro Sanchez* and Ido Golding*
Science (2013) 342: 1188-1193 [* Co-corresponding authors]

  •  Cells go solo
    L Bryan Ray Introduction to special issue in single cell biology
    Science (2013) 324: 1187

Alvaro's graduate and postdoctoral work

[14] Regulatory mechanisms are revealed by the distribution of transcription initiation times in single microbial cells
Sandeep Choubey, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
Biophysical Journal (2018) 114(9):2072–2082 [bioRxiv version (OA)]

[13] Combinatorial gene regulation through kinetic control of the transcription cycle
Clarissa Scholes, Angela H DePace* and Alvaro Sanchez*     [* Co-corresponding authors]
Cell Systems (2017) 4:97-108

[12] Phenotypic states become increasingly sensitive to perturbations near a bifurcation in a synthetic gene network
Kevin Axelrod, Alvaro Sanchez and Jeff Gore
eLife (2015) 4:e07935

[11] Deciphering transcriptional dynamics in vivo by counting nascent mRNA molecules
Sandeep Choubey, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
PLOS Computational Biology (2015) 11: e1004345

[10] Dynamics of a producer-freeloader ecosystem on the brink of collapse
Andrew Chen*, Alvaro Sanchez*, Lei Dai and Jeff Gore
Nature Communications (2014) 5: 3713 [*Shared First Authorship]

    [9] Feedback between population and evolutionary dynamics determines the fate of social microbial populations
    Alvaro Sanchez and Jeff Gore
    PLOS Biology (2013) 11(4): e1001547. 

    • Cooperation and the Fate of Microbial Societies
      Allen B, Nowak MA. Primer article written about the paper above
      PLOS Biology (2013)11(4): e1001549
    • Ecology: Cheating Makes Yeast Unsteady
      Nature Research Highlights
      Nature (2013) 497: 160

    [8] Regulation of noise in gene expression
    Alvaro Sanchez, Sandeep Choubey and Jane Kondev
    Annual Review of Biophysics (2013) 42: 469–491

    [7] Stochastic models of transcriptional regulation: from single molecules to single cells
    Alvaro Sanchez*, Sandeep Choubey* and Jane Kondev [*Shared First Authorship]
    Methods (2013) 62: 13-25

    [6] Operator sequence alters gene expression independently of transcription factor occupancy in bacteria
    Hernan G. Garcia*, Alvaro Sanchez*, James Q. Boedicker*, Melisa L. Osborne, Jeff Gelles, Jane Kondev and Rob Phillips.
    Cell Reports (2012) 2(1):150-161 [*Shared First Authorship]

    [5] Mechanism of transcriptional repression at a bacterial promoter by analysis of single molecules
    Alvaro Sanchez, Melisa L. Osborne, Larry J. Friedman, Jane Kondev and Jeff Gelles.
    EMBO Journal (2011) 30:3940-3946

    [4] Effect of promoter architecture on the cell-to-cell variability in gene expression.
    Alvaro Sanchez, Hernan G. Garcia, Daniel Jones, Rob Phillips and Jane Kondev. 
    PLOS Computational Biology  (2011) 7(3):e1001100

    [3] Transcription by the numbers redux: Experiments and calculations that surprise.
    Hernan G. Garcia, Alvaro Sanchez, Thomas Kuhlman, Jane Kondev and Rob Phillips
    Trends in Cell Biology (2010) 20:723-733

    [2] Transcriptional control of noise in gene expression
    Alvaro Sanchez and Jane Kondev.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2008) 105(13):5081-6.

    [1] Molecular Brightness determined from a generalized form of Mandel’s Q parameter
    Alvaro Sanchez, Yan Chen and Joachim D. Muller. 
    Biophysical Journal (2005) 89(5):3531-3547