Sanchez Lab Publications

[22] On the deformability of an empirical fitness landscape by microbial evolution
Djordje Bajic*, Jean C.C. Vila*, Zachary D. Blount and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/293407 [*Shared First Authorship]

[21] Cohesiveness in microbial community coalescence. 
Nanxi Lu, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Mikhail Tikhonov and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/282723

[20] Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly. 
Joshua Goldford*, Nanxi Lu*, Djordje Bajic, Sylvie Estrela, Mikhail Tikhonov, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Daniel Segre, Pankaj Mehta, and Alvaro Sanchez
BioRxiv (2017) doi: 10.1101/205831 [*Shared First Authorship]

[19] Ecological effects of cellular computing in microbial populations
Maia Baskerville*, Arielle Biro*, Mike Blazanin*, Chang-Yu Chang*, Amelia Hallworth*, Nicole Sonnert*, Jean Vila* and Alvaro Sanchez
Submitted (2017)

[18] Cooperators trade off ecological resilience and evolutionary stability in public goods games
Joseph Rauch, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2017) 14:20160967   [bioRxiv version (OA)]

[17] The evolutionary resilience of distributed cellular computing
Matteo Cavaliere and Alvaro Sanchez
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2017) doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-54072-6 1

[16] Eco-evolutionary dynamics of complex social strategies in microbial communities
Kyle Harrington and Alvaro Sanchez
Communicative and Integrative Biology (2014) 7: e28230

[15] Genetic determinants and cellular constraints in noisy gene expression
Alvaro Sanchez* and Ido Golding*
Science (2013) 342: 1188-1193 [* Co-corresponding authors]

  •  Cells go solo
    L Bryan Ray Introduction to special issue in single cell biology
    Science (2013) 324: 1187

Alvaro's graduate and postdoctoral work

[14] Regulatory mechanisms are revealed by the distribution of transcription initiation times in single microbial cells
Sandeep Choubey, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
Biophysical Journal (2018) 114(9):2072–2082 [bioRxiv version (OA)]

[13] Combinatorial gene regulation through kinetic control of the transcription cycle
Clarissa Scholes, Angela H DePace* and Alvaro Sanchez*     [* Co-corresponding authors]
Cell Systems (2017) 4:97-108

[12] Phenotypic states become increasingly sensitive to perturbations near a bifurcation in a synthetic gene network
Kevin Axelrod, Alvaro Sanchez and Jeff Gore
eLife (2015) 4:e07935

[11] Deciphering transcriptional dynamics in vivo by counting nascent mRNA molecules
Sandeep Choubey, Jane Kondev and Alvaro Sanchez
PLOS Computational Biology (2015) 11: e1004345

[10] Dynamics of a producer-freeloader ecosystem on the brink of collapse
Andrew Chen*, Alvaro Sanchez*, Lei Dai and Jeff Gore
Nature Communications (2014) 5: 3713 [*Shared First Authorship]

    [9] Feedback between population and evolutionary dynamics determines the fate of social microbial populations
    Alvaro Sanchez and Jeff Gore
    PLOS Biology (2013) 11(4): e1001547. 

    • Cooperation and the Fate of Microbial Societies
      Allen B, Nowak MA. Primer article written about the paper above
      PLOS Biology (2013)11(4): e1001549
    • Ecology: Cheating Makes Yeast Unsteady
      Nature Research Highlights
      Nature (2013) 497: 160

    [8] Regulation of noise in gene expression
    Alvaro Sanchez, Sandeep Choubey and Jane Kondev
    Annual Review of Biophysics (2013) 42: 469–491

    [7] Stochastic models of transcriptional regulation: from single molecules to single cells
    Alvaro Sanchez*, Sandeep Choubey* and Jane Kondev [*Shared First Authorship]
    Methods (2013) 62: 13-25

    [6] Operator sequence alters gene expression independently of transcription factor occupancy in bacteria
    Hernan G. Garcia*, Alvaro Sanchez*, James Q. Boedicker*, Melisa L. Osborne, Jeff Gelles, Jane Kondev and Rob Phillips.
    Cell Reports (2012) 2(1):150-161 [*Shared First Authorship]

    [5] Mechanism of transcriptional repression at a bacterial promoter by analysis of single molecules
    Alvaro Sanchez, Melisa L. Osborne, Larry J. Friedman, Jane Kondev and Jeff Gelles.
    EMBO Journal (2011) 30:3940-3946

    [4] Effect of promoter architecture on the cell-to-cell variability in gene expression.
    Alvaro Sanchez, Hernan G. Garcia, Daniel Jones, Rob Phillips and Jane Kondev. 
    PLOS Computational Biology  (2011) 7(3):e1001100

    [3] Transcription by the numbers redux: Experiments and calculations that surprise.
    Hernan G. Garcia, Alvaro Sanchez, Thomas Kuhlman, Jane Kondev and Rob Phillips
    Trends in Cell Biology (2010) 20:723-733

    [2] Transcriptional control of noise in gene expression
    Alvaro Sanchez and Jane Kondev.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2008) 105(13):5081-6.

    [1] Molecular Brightness determined from a generalized form of Mandel’s Q parameter
    Alvaro Sanchez, Yan Chen and Joachim D. Muller. 
    Biophysical Journal (2005) 89(5):3531-3547