I am an Assistant Professor in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department and the Microbial Sciences Institute at Yale. I did my Doctoral and Postdoctoral training at Brandeis and MIT, where I had the incredible opportunity to work with Jane Kondev and Jeff Gelles in bacterial gene regulation; and with Jeff Gore on eco-evolutionary and population dynamics of budding yeast. First as a Junior Fellow at Harvard and now as an Assistant Professor at Yale, I am applying systems biology tools such as dynamic Flux Balance Analysis models and high-throughput cultivation and phenotyping to study how microbial communities form, and how they evolve. I grew up in the beautiful medieval towns of Zamora and Salamanca, in the Northwestern Spanish region of Castilla y Leon -which I miss terribly. I have also lived and worked in Madrid, Geneva, the Twin Cities and, for the past fifteen years, in various towns and cities in New England.


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At Yale I have taught:

  • EEB 225 - Evolutionary Biology ,

  • EEB 678 - Mathematical Models in Ecology & Evolution, and

  • EEB 729 - Microbial Ecology & Evolution.

In the summer of 2019 I will be a Lecturer at the Physical Biology of the Cell Summer Course at the Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole, where I will lead a Theory rotation together with the two graduate students in the lab as TAs.

In the Fall of 2019 I will teach EEB 729 again. This year we will focus on the directed evolution of whole communities as a vehicle to learn about how microbial communities assemble and how they function. To that end, we will cover topics such as microbial community coalescence, priority effects, eco-evolutionary dynamics, microbial metabolic networks, etc. If you are a Yale student interested in taking part and want to know more, please contact Alvaro.