Our laboratory is part of the Microbial Sciences Institute and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University. Our work lies at the interface between systems biology and microbial community ecology and evolution. Our lab is largely interested in predicting (1) How microbes will evolve in a given, known environment, (2) What microbial communities will assemble in a given, known environment and (3) How microbes will behave in a given, known environment. To that end, we are particularly interested in understanding how the molecules microbes secrete to the environment, such as nutrients, toxins, etc., mediate community assembly and evolution. 



Our lab members will be giving seminars and presentations at the following venues:

  • Alvaro will give the Integrative Biology Department Seminar at UC Berkeley on Sept 19 2019

  • Alvaro will give a talk at the Jackson Laboratories on November 1 2019

  • Alvaro will give a department seminar at Georgia Tech in February 20 2020



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High-order interactions dominate the functional landscape of microbial consortia
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