On July 1st 2016, we will move to Yale University’s West Campus, where Alvaro has accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

We will be recruiting exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic graduate students and postdocs. Yale has one of the world’s leading research communities in eco-evolutionary dynamics, and our lab will further benefit from close interactions with the many exciting researchers at the Microbial Sciences Institute at Yale’s West Campus. If interested, please contact Alvaro!


Recent Publications

A tradeoff between the evolutionary and ecological stabilities of public goods genes in microbial populations (2016) Submitted

Phenotypic states becomes increasingly sensitive to perturbations near a bifurcation in a synthetic gene network
eLife (2015) 4:e07935

Deciphering transcriptional dynamics in vivo by counting nascent mRNA molecules
PLOS Computational Biology (2015) 11: e1004345

Dynamics of a producer-freeloader ecosystem on the brink of collapse
Nature Communications (2014) 5: 3713

Genetic determinants and cellular constraints in noisy gene expression
Science (2013) 342: 1188-1193

Feedback between population and evolutionary dynamics determines the fate of social microbial populations
PLOS Biology (2013) 11(4): e1001547.